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How About the New E-Cig Craze?

Have you heard of this new device which allows you to smoke without ever lighting up? 

Vapor smoking, using electronic cigarettes is one of the fastest growing trends in the smoking community.  Many people just like you have already made the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes and are experiencing all the freedom, convenience and health benefits vapor smoking provides. 

One of the principal reasons people are switching to e-cigs is to liberate themselves from the harmful emissions that combustion cigarettes produce.  E-cigarettes contain no tar and do not release poisonous carbon monoxide as regular cigarettes do.  Instead they emit a non-toxic vapor into the air that dissipates quickly, giving you the feel of actual smoking without the harmful byproducts.

Each year, more and more laws are being passed restricting or even prohibiting smoking in public areas.   With E-cigs, however, you can smoke wherever you like since they require no fire or combustion and give off no harmful emissions.

Tobacco cigarettes can be very expensive, but with e-cigs you’ll spend less than half of what you normally pay for traditional cigarettes.  Why pay more when you can achieve the same level of satisfaction for a lot less?

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